Apple gets approved for sale AirPower

Apple has overcome all the difficulties encountered in the development of wireless charging stations AirPower, and is now preparing to begin official sales. Especially for this the company registered the corresponding trademark to legally secure the right output with this name. This process, which has dragged on for more than six months, demanded that Apple make every effort to have a brand AirPower finally gave it.

Apple tries to trademark rights of AirPower since the summer of 2018. Then the company ran into some difficulties, because the patent and trademark office, employment check, found that the appearance of such a brand like AirPower, can cause confusion with the products of competing vendors. In this regard, Apple had to prove that she’s been using trademarks with the word Air, drawing an analogy with brands AirPlay, AirPods, AirPrint and AirPort. But now everything is in order and the company may begin official sales of AirPower.

When will the AirPower

Earlier this week, developed by Guilherme Rambo found in the code of iOS 12.2, the next mention of AirPower with a description of how it works and some technical characteristics. In particular, Rambo found that a charging station will have three of the thermistor, indicating that in the commercial version of Apple has not changed its functionality and it is, as promised, will support simultaneous charging of three devices.

However, some conversion AirPower still has undergone. According to rumors, Apple had to change the internal layout of the charging station, and equip it with the cooler. Thanks to him, the company expects to get rid of overheating of the accessory, which is inevitable even when charging two or more devices. The appearance of a built-in fan will adversely affect the dimensions of the commercial version of AirPower, which is likely to be much thicker than the sample shown at the presentation in 2017.

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