Apple get a patent to allow the identification of the handwriting


Company introduced a new Apple patent to the Patent Office in the United States in February last, under the heading “management of handwriting in real time”, and the patent to that company, the tech giant is working on a new technique aimed at identifying the handwriting handwritten in real time, in addition to handwriting recognition on multi level or on the level of the beautiful Chinese

Show some of the pictures accompanying the patent, someone says to write in Chinese on your iPad, and technical writing them again after learning them, it is estimated that the new technology is able to figure out what to write by the user either via a finger or stylus.

According to phonearena India, didn’t disclose to Apple any special details patent new, such as a date included within the company’s smartphone, including iPhones and iPads, like all patents of the former will be the user wait a few years to turn into reality.

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