Apple fixed more than 50 gaps and the problem of updating the iOS 12.2

Last week, Apple introduced system update iOS 12.2 iPhone repair more than 50 loophole and problem in the operating system, making the system more secure.

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Update to fix gaps and problems in the application files, e-mail, messages, Safari browser, Siri, in addition to the calendar and apply the book, as fix problems in the system and power management and more.

However, there are two security holes, which is of the utmost importance, which is why you need to update the system as soon as possible, where one of the gaps number CVE-2019-8566 allow applications and web sites access to the microphone of the device without the user’s knowledge, due to a problem in the application programming interface.

Second vulnerability number CVE-2019-8553 allow arbitrary code execution when the user presses on any link harmful has been sent via text messages, allowing the hacker to execute the instructions to delete the files or transfer them to conduct.

Users can iPhone by going to Settings > General > updates > and download the update of iOS 12.2.

Source: Apple

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