Apple finished its fiscal year earnings to miss the $ 260 million!

آيفون 11 - iPhone 11

Apple announced its financial results for the official for the fourth fiscal quarter, which showed gross proceeds of approximately $ 64 million of which a net profit of $ 13.6 million.

Compared with the same period last year was its total revenue 62.9 million, but its profits were better when the $ 14.1 million.

The Apple TV has achieved a total return during the whole financial year helps 260.1 billion, of which Net Profit of $ 55.2 million.

For the sectors of the company have decreased sales of the iPhone by about 9% annually to achieve 33.36 million, while the Numismatic services industry of 18% to a record $ 12.5 million.

The rest of the devices the company has fallen Mac sales 5% to about $ 7 billion and has achieved apple of Asia athletic games $ 4.6 million, while other devices like clockwork assistant and home accessories, has achieved 6.52 million, significant growth from last year.

The company has cash on hand of approximately US $ 206 million with a decline of 2.2% as a result of the spending of the company to repurchase its shares where distributed profits of $ 3.5 billion and bought shares at around $ 19 million.

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