Apple FAQ: encyclopedia of knowledge

At the end of each year to take stock of the passing year. We also decided to do it, but in a slightly non-standard form. Especially for you we have prepared a page which collected the most popular questions you asked over the years. Issues going of your comments in our chat Telegram (which is rapidly approaching 6 000 participants), from the social. networks and other available sources. The result was an encyclopedia of knowledge on Apple products with which we offer you to read.

Apple FAQ page located at

Now it has 4 main sections:

  • Mac
  • iOS
  • App Store and iCloud
  • iPhone, iPad, accessories

In each section we collected the most popular questions you ask us or each other, communicating in the comments or chat. For readability and search problems you’ve encountered — just look at the section you want and click on the question. Short version of the answer you will see at once, and to many answers we have made an additional link to the relevant article on the website.

We recommend you to add the page to your bookmarks and share it with your friends-the”Apple”. Surely, they will thank you.

The page will be updated and supplemented every week. Leave your questions in the comments to this article or ask them in our Telegram chat. The most popular ones will be highlighted on the pages of our website and added to an Encyclopedia of knowledge.

Read the Apple FAQ

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