Apple fails in the social network The Musical for the second time


Try Apple II in social networks fail within just three years, where the company announced it will increase the Department Connect of Applied Music which was called for me to communicate with teachers through it.

When Apple launched its application and its musical three years ago, the focus is clearly on feature Connect which owns one of the three most important pillars in the app, but today it is a closed face of the artists who did not show interest in continuing doing so.

Won’t be able to artists to create new content through the water and will remove the previous content of the section For You and the artist page, but will enable access from the search results, just until May 24 next.

It’s a shame what happened to the water despite of the big promotion is not in the party at all when I brought the Apple artist Drake famous the launch of its versions independently and directly to his fans.

It seems that the water was a mix from SoundCloud to spread the music content and the Twitter discussion around the interaction between users, but did not succeed

Worth noting that Apple tried in 2010 with the feature of Ping in iTunes to provide a environment a social a musician but also failed.

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