Apple extended follow-up program phone two iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

apple iPhone XS Max

Last year, Apple launched a program for control for iPhone XR and iPhone XS. The idea was to help harvest more sales, but Apple had stated at that time that this offer will be available for a limited time which means that this offer will be available throughout the year. However, it turns out now that Apple has extended the period of this offer.

According to the website 9to5Mac, it seems that Apple’s website in China little now in the part of the site that was to extend the period of follow-up program ( Trade-In ) to 25 March. In the former, it was planned that this offer expires on the 17th day of February, but it seems that customers have now an additional month to take advantage of this offer.

Still not sure if it will be extended this offer in other countries or not, but it is understandable why target Apple and the Chinese market. He was the CEO of Apple has admitted in the past that the company is struggling a bit in China, so it makes sense to want Apple to improve their positions in that market first.

Yet, still not sure of the real reason behind the low demand for the iPhone, although there are many factors that could be the reason for that, including rising prices, have become enthusiasts of the apple cost more than 1000 USD. We’re not sure if Apple intends to address this by lowering prices of phones iPhone of the future, but we’ll have to wait to find out.


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