Apple expanded its program to recycle phones for iPhone

The company announced the Apple TV today announced a series of enhancements to the initiatives of recycling, including the expansion of its program to recycle devices within its stores include retailers selected by external actors.

The company also announced it has opened a new laboratory in the city of Austin, Texas, to restore the material, it is the task of this lab, the adult area of 9 thousand square feet, in the development of recycling operations in the future, and improving the recycling operations to the current, and make sure you achieve the most out of every phone.

Adds the expansion of Apple’s initiative called GiveBack stores Best Buy American, retail stores KPN in the Netherlands, a move that doubled the number of sites receipt, and significantly increase the number of places where customers can deliver old appliances to ensure recycled properly.

It was the only place in the arena to recycle phones, the iPhone is through the company’s stores, or the company website online.

Coinciding with the expansion, which comes just before the anniversary of Earth Day, has Apple renamed the service to Apple Trade In, which puts greater emphasis on the recovery of the client for phone recycled through the recycling program.

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And the status of devices and whether they are refurbishment or for recycling, and Apple TV: it started in the aluminum recycling of Devices Program Apple Trade In facility of the MacBook Air.

It is also used aluminum recycled in the latest Mac mini, where the use of tin and recycled by one hundred percent for manufacturing, 11 pad logic for different devices.

The company says: it’s received almost a million devices, which is enough to make a robot recycling Daisy Daisy busy for almost a year.

Can a robot Daisy is now dismantling 15 different models of the iPhone, at the rate of 200 telephone in the previous, or 1.2 million of the iPhone per year.

The company explained that it had in the year 2018 alone renewed more than 7.8 million iPhone, which has helped to prevent more than 48 thousand metric tons of waste from reaching landfills.

And Apple TV to use the technique of machine learning, and robots, in order to automate the process of dismantling the machine and its cutters, the company expects to cooperate with academics to develop solutions to the problems of the recycling industry on the scope of the industry.

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