Apple estimated Apple Park $ 200 to avoid tax

The company Apple assessed building Apple Park and adjacent to it territory just 200 $ to pay the lowest possible property tax, reports the San Francisco Chronicles. This amount is about five million times less than that which appointed the appraiser sent by the County of Santa Clara to assess the market value of the headquarters.

Cases when large corporations evaluate their proficiency by several orders of magnitude less than their real value, are not uncommon for the United States, explained Gus Kramer, Contra Costa County expert. The majority of companies believe that their tax contributions so very high, to pay annually in favor of the state Treasury of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the property.

Apple against the state

It is noteworthy, says Kramer, but such cases rarely have a positive outcome for the County or state. Corporations have enough power and resources so infinitely to challenge decisions that take out of state appraisers, in court. Realizing this, heads of administrative-territorial units refuse to risk budget funds and direct them to the services of lawyers.

The idea to build Apple Park belonged to Steve jobs, who proposed the initial draft of the future headquarters, which has undergone major changes already in process of construction. According to preliminary estimates, the construction of Apple Park and landscaping of the adjacent territory to cost Apple at 6.1 billion dollars.

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