Apple dominates the high-end smartphone market, and OnePlus is entering the club of the five major

iPhone XR

The company sold Apple TV most of the flagship smartphones that cost 400$ and above in the year 2018, at least according to the statistics issued from the institution Counterpoint Research is specialized in market research. According to these statistics, it appears that the company OnePlus has succeeded in reaching the list of the top five for the first time in its short history. In general, the growth of the high-end devices increased by 14% year on year, despite the decline in the smartphone market globally by 3 percent.

Expanded the major Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and Oppo and OnePlus availability by making the more established companies like Samsung and Apple to lose part of its market share. It should be noted that Apple still dominates the market for high-end devices with a market share of 51 percent, followed by Samsung with a share of 22 percent, and Huawei with a share of 10 percent. Thanks to strong sales of the series for Huawei P20 Series and Huawei Mate 20 Series, the company has made China a growth by 97 percent compared with the year 2017. However, the company OnePlus is the biggest winner in the market of smart phones which cost between 400$ and 600$, thanks to the record sales achieved by the company in India.


The smartphone market is the most sophisticated that cost more than the$ 800 is the fastest growing market, which is also a market which is dominated by Apple significantly, the latter acquires 80 percent of the sales of this market. The report says that buyers are satisfied with paying more money for their devices as long as they would be able to use it for a longer time period. Analysts predict that the growing smart phone market the most prestigious thanks to the phones and 5G devices and folding.

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