Apple do the 25,000 application stores to control stores in China

آبل تحذف 25,000 تطبيق مخالف للرقابة عن متجرها في الصين

Did Apple delete 25,000 application from the software store in China due to concerns its purchase of control in the country, so that to provide the services of the company there is a means to undergo all the terms of the censorship laws imposed by the Chinese government on technology companies

According to the website Bloomberg, the $ 25,000 application has been classified by the Chinese television CCTV, and 4,000 of them on the word “gamble” which contravene the laws there, which gives slot games are absolutely in the country, while the rest of the app stores to another company.

Was Apple has put some special conditions for rejecting applications on the store in China to comply with the censorship there, but despite that the company did not meet to review applications and to document areas by the buy oversight, which has led to the availability of 25 A application of stores on the App Store.

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