Apple discusses and agree on the storage of encryption keys “iCloud” on the servers of a Chinese

آبل الصين

آبل الصين

Approved by Apple on the conditions imposed by the Chinese government which require the need to store encryption keys accounts “iCloud” Chinese on servers in China, and this after them previously on the data storage users “iCloud” Chinese rings there are also.

The Apple company Guizhou-Cloud Big Data China, specialized in the field of cloud storage, so will be the management of servers under the supervision of the engineers of the American company and Chinese company.

Can the Chinese authorities access to faster data “iCloud”, through the issuance of a note security of the need to decrypt data to a device, without going through the judicial authorities, to Apple itself compelled to provide the encryption keys and the evaluation of those data without resistance.

She stressed the Chinese government’s chokehold on the company and external technical capacity to provide back doors would allow it to monitor data at any time, which is resisted by the Apple TV for a while before it finds itself out little by little from the smartphone market there.

Confirmed Apple told Reuters that what was done is the perfect choice, it was a wish to keep data on servers in America, but it even now still has a role in the management of that data.

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