Apple disabled the iPhone 5 from the Internet and its services. What to do

Apple attaches great importance to the updates and trying to make it so that users do not neglect them. Ironically, care in Cupertino is not that we receive timely new features and worked more productively, and our security. After each update, which produces the company, regardless of the number of innovations and the amount of device space, invariably contains a number of corrections and bug-fixes, sometimes find themselves so important that Apple even spits on own rules and updates those devices whose support has ended.

iPhone 5 stopped working? You are to blame

Why iOS and iOS 9.3.6 10.3.4

Last month Apple released iOS 9.3.6 10.3.4 and iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that came out before 2012. The release of these updates, Apple explained the need to work built-in GPS modules. But since most users continue to exploit the old iPhone 5 and iPad mini 2, not encountered before with the disruption of geolocation updates, it was decided not to install. In the end, you never know which twists the developers.

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But as it turned out some time later, the bug was severe enough to bring down not only the GPS module, but also disrupt other functions. The worst in this sense had the iPhone 5, which Apple itself in the event of failure of updates warned about disabling services iCloud, App Store, Mail, tool, backup, and, most importantly, the Internet. And none of this happened, it was necessary to upgrade to iOS 10.3.4 to 3 November inclusive. Do not have time? Then our instruction to you.

How to update iPhone 5 after 3 Nov

If you are not able to install the update in due time Apple, you just have to use iTunes. Despite the fact that the owners of Mac computers running macOS Catalina cannot use iTunes, they can perform all the same steps to restore the smartphone using the built in update tool.

  • Connect your iPhone 5 to the computer via cable and open iTunes;
  • Save a backup copy by clicking “backup now”;
  • Disconnect the iPhone, hold the power button;
  • After the iPhone shuts down, press and hold both power and Home and hold them for 5 seconds;
  • Release the power button and hold the Home button for another 10 seconds until notification about successful activation of DFU mode;
  • In the interface of iTunes, choose “Restore iPhone…” and confirm the procedure;
  • Roll forward on the iPhone backup that you saved earlier.

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Such a large number of actions is the only way to install on iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.4 and return it to work. The fact that the failure of GPS has led to the malfunction of the backup tool and automatically stop the updates. To perform the update over the air after November 3, when the system of counting dates in the GPS satellites has been set to zero, it became impossible. Well, if you failed to return your machine to life, you just have to ask for help to nearest service center.

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