Apple didn’t mention that the curvature of the iPad Pro is a natural thing !

There was a mood of anger by clients Apple after reports that appeared in the last few days about the curvature of the tablet, the iPad Pro, and that the normal condition of the plant, although the company has not officially acted then.

Now, the company Apple officially about this problem, through an email issued by product manager, says that the iPad Pro New meets all the criteria for quality in design and Manufacturing Flour, and that the device is carefully designed.

Product manager said that the structure of the device is better than previous generations, noting that the problem of curvature will not affect the normal use of the device, but did say that the problem is “normal”.

The problem of the curve on how the cooling of metal and plastic in the device during the production process, show the problem is actually when users open a carton of the device.

Of course, the wrath of the users of the report rolling in the past few days, where he published some of the users pictures on the social networks they know an iPad Pro of their own with the bends that they should not take their quality control phase, and said product manager in the company that the published report did not include an official statement from the company.

What do you think of the conversation? And do you still think about buying the device? We participated in the comments.

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