Apple develops the service of mobile games via subscription [rumors]

Informed sources revealed that Apple had entered into discussions with several developers for games to join, to service new subscriptions plans to launch.

The service works on the simple principle that the user pays a subscription fee in exchange for access to any game from a huge variety of games available. Still not clear the subscription fee monthly, but can be considered the Netflix of gaming.

Given the App Store, the games topping the ranking of the best gainers, especially those that think the style of freemium for-profit where are downloaded for free but they offer elements driven inside of her.

Across the new service will get games developers to a new revenue source by offering their toys to the public for a limited time period of their subscription.

And devices iPhone, iPad, and current treatments and sliced a graphical display techniques have great potential Very can easily run mega games that offer the game experience fun for a large segment of users.

It is possible to set the Apple TV to focus on service Game center and its facade is the largest to assess the advantages more than just display the achievements and best results in the games.

It is worth mentioning that Apple intends to launch the service of video news, so I expected very to provide you service games through subscriptions with it.

The most important question here, are you going to pay monthly subscription fees for the right to play any game you want within a large group?

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