Apple describes the reason for removing the Apps screen time competition from her store

Replied Apple to report to the New York Times, says that the company used its control over the App Store to the detriment of applications competitors.

The report stated that the company targeted 11 out of 17 third-party apps most downloaded, which are designed to help users iPhone and iPad on the reduction of the use of devices or to supervise use of children of the devices, the newspaper said that Apple either removed the app from the App Store directly, or tied up somehow.

Apple published a statement recently, entitled “The Facts about parental control apps”, indicate where they have already removed a number of control apps and screen time from the App Store because they “know the users ‘ privacy at risk”, as described.

Over the past year, reported the Apple they became aware that many of the applications of screen time and parental control is able to control devices, users and access sensitive information including geographic location, e-mail accounts, permits, camera and browsing history, while they launched their application your and phones to manage your time use the name of the Screen Time – Screen Time.

The company said it has given app developers 30 days to fix violations in accordance with the laws of the store, so that many of them reform, and the removal of the violators after the expiry of the period, and the company said it supported the third-party application store that helps parents to manage the devices their children, and said that this is not a matter of some debate, but the issue of security, in response to the report of the New York Times.

Source: Apple

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