Apple depends on Qualcomm and Samsung for the supply of the chipset modem 5G in 2020

In a new report published by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it was pointed out that Apple will rely on Samsung and Qualcomm will supply the chipset modem 5G phones to the iPhone in 2020.

Qualcomm and Samsung will supply Apple with 5G modems in 2020

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Held Apple and Qualcomm legal settlement recently after a lot of litigation which continued in the corridors of the courts for a long time, and I expect a lot of market analysts that Apple took this step to rely on Qualcomm to supply chips modem 5G offered in versions 2020 phones iPhone.

However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed in a new report recently that Qualcomm will be the sole supplier of chip modem 5G, which is also the company to Samsung be the second chip of the season in 2020.

The report also emphasized that Apple will not offer phones iPhone that support networks of the fifth generation in 2019, given the state of the Apple for a longer time to start the mass production included chip modem 5G in phones, iPhone, also pointed out Ming-Chi Kuo in his report to the that phones the iPhone 5G will support the sales of Apple are good at its launch to the market.


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