Apple denies stealing user data in the result of hacking servers

User data did not become available to third parties in the result of hacking the servers of an Australian student. The representatives of Apple told Reuters. According to the official position of the company, a hacker managed to gain access only to internal documents of the company.

“We want to assure our customers that no file containing any information about them has not been compromised in the incident, — quotes Reuters words of the official representative of Apple. — Details of the case were not disclosed in the interests of the investigation and the parties involved.”

Who hacked Apple servers

As it became known this week, an unidentified student from the Australian Melbourne was repeatedly hacked Apple’s servers and downloaded to your computer stored in the cloud files. According to the investigation, a total of teen downloaded more than 90 GB of data, including payment.

It is noteworthy that Apple has fixed the fact of an outsider access to the secret files almost a year after initial break-in. The search for the culprit ended almost before it began. The FBI quickly figured out the intruder by analyzing the IP address, which was carried out unauthorized connections.

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