Apple deleted a number of parental control apps and stats off the screen

Developers began to produce a large range of specialized applications in the tracking screen and parental control after announced Apple officially announced feature to track the time of operation of the screen in iOS, but the company today to ask those developers to modify their applications or get them from the store.

According to the New York Times the Apple TV to delete or tied at least 11 out of 17 of the largest downloaded apps in the area of parental control and track the time off the screen, with a number of other applications of the least known and analysis.

Lacking the advantage of Apple’s official operating system for some of the things that appeared external applications such as the possibility of closing a particular application.

If you didn’t learn those apps removal from the App Store, the Apple TV asked her to delete the advantages of the essence to make the app not useful. Some of the affected applications provide paid services to thousands of users forced to close.

For example, the application of OurPact of the most downloaded apps in the area of parental control and has three million downloads depends in 80% of his income on Apple App Store, the company removes it without prior notice.

This situation is Eddie my app Kidslox and Qustodio progress of a lawsuit the EU has against Apple accused the company to exercise arbitrary actions make their apps less useful of a feature Apple included formally in the operating system.

For its part, the cooled Apple’s decision to delete those apps because they violate the rules to use, where gathered a lot of data about users and their behavior, and it’s not a relationship to be launching a similar feature.

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