Apple decides to reduce the price of the iPhone outside the United States to face weak sales

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The company said Apple on Tuesday it plans to cut the price of some phones, for iPhone, for only the second time since the launch of the first iPhone 12 years ago, the Association of the sale price prices Financial work of the local outside the United States instead of the US dollar which is witnessing a continuing rise.

It is believed that this step comes as an attempt to put an end to poor sales for the iPhone, especially in foreign markets like China, where the US dollar has experienced a rise in its value amounted to 10% over the past year to rise with the price of Apple products that compete already in the market phones high specifications, which make the phones the company expensive compared to competitors.

Revealed the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, announced the plan on Tuesday after the company announced its first decline ever in sales of iPhone during the fourth quarter of 2018, noting that this is the second time that the company cut the prices of iPhone after the only time in 2007, shortly after the launch of the first iPhone.

Did not say Apple on the session which will be held in which the prices of the iPhone, but it is believed that the first market target that is China, where he began retailers reduce the prices of iPhone earlier this month after it reduced the Apple its sales forecast for the quarter ending in December 2018.

It is noteworthy that Apple sells the phone “iPhone X s”, which was launched in the month of September last, at a starting price of 999 USD, the same price in US dollars to his predecessor, “iPhone X”, which was launched in the year 2017.

It may be price stability between the two versions is not relevant to consumers in the United States, but in other countries such as China and Turkey, where the currency fell much against the US dollar, making the price of the new phone is much higher compared to his predecessor a year ago, thus the consumer has to pay is the same as the cost of high-dollar currencies.

On Tuesday, Cook said that Apple will be foreign prices in some markets by re-setting it to remain the same price or at a price close to what it was one year ago in local currencies. This means that Apple will bear the cost of the high dollar.

He said Cook told Reuters in an interview: “we decided to return to (price of iPhone) commensurate with the prices Local a year ago hoping to help sales in those areas.”

In a quarterly earnings of the company on Tuesday, the Cook also shed light on the impact of the problem of foreign exchange in Turkey, where he said the lira, the local has declined by 33% against the dollar and decreased sales of the Apple TV by $ 700 million from the previous year. Previously, Apple indicated in a month last November to work pressures on prices in Brazil, India and Russia.

The gate Arab News Technical Apple decides to reduce the price of the iPhone outside the United States to counter weak sales

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