Apple decided to cancel the project AirPower officially

آبل تقرر الغاء مشروع AirPower بشكل رسميApple decides to cancel the project AirPower officially

Apple decided to cancel the project AirPower officially

In September of 2017 , on the sidelines of the announcement of the iPhone X phones, the days of 8 and 8 Plus the new time, the company said the Apple TV it will offer a new product under the name AirPower is a wireless base for charging more than one device of the Apple devices at one time.

He said Apple and the U.S. at the time that the device will be launched sometime during the year 2018 .

Passed 2018 in full, the thirty-first of the year 2019 without any new product that promised by Apple, before the company launches a formal statement about it today.

Apple New finally decided to abandon the house, where he confirmed the company’s vice president for devices (Dan Rick) that the company has canceled the project AirPower.

Apple official said in a statement : after much effort, we determined that AirPower won’t achieve our high standards we have taken the project, we believe for those customers who were looking forward to this launch.

According to some sources within Apple, it has the project faced the obstacle of substance, such as superheated prominent when charging more than one device on it, which is what drove Apple to cancel it temporarily, perhaps to the point of time later.

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