Apple confirms the existence of problems in the keyboard of the MacBook users have

Users devices the MacBook suffer from the keyboard continuously, to provide Apple’s recently launched an updated version of its organs with a new technology keyboard with a layer of silica to help in the continued operation of the buttons in a good way and prevent any impurities from entering underneath.

Perhaps Apple hopes to solve those technical problems in the consoles, but the truth is, she did not provide and did not delay in spite of the permit for the company when launched she’d get to old problems. Where he suffered a number of users to share a keyboard during the financial period without any talk of the company.

But now a company spokesman confirmed to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal that a small number of users (did not disclose the number in full) suffer from problems in the keyboard, and regrets it. The spokesman said that those who suffer from problems keyboard them connect with support services to resolve the problem.

The fact that new users have to ensure the new keyboard from Apple, but at the same time even if the company has changed it will take time, so will the suffering of the users anyway.

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