Apple confirm that they dismantled the car project self-driving

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In a recently released report from the analysts says that because sales of the iPhone flowing, you may require Apple to cancel the project to create a car self-driving, also known by the name codename ” Project Titan “. It seems that this is due to the low profits generated by the iPhone, which means that it will have the Apple smaller budget to dedicate to other projects.

It turns out that the expectations of the analysts was correct, sort of. According to a new report recently released by CNBC, it seems that Apple has confirmed that it will be laying off some employees who were part of the Department of piloted driving, will be re-distributed to others on other projects. And remember Apple TV what if you cancel the project entirely or not, but think of the opportunities provided by self-driving cars.

In a statement submitted to the channel CNBC, stated the spokesman for Apple said : ” We have a talented team incredibly works on independent systems and The Associated techniques in the Apple TV. Since the group focuses its work on several key areas for the year 2019, has been the transfer of some groups to oversee projects in other departments within the company, where they will pay the machine learning and other initiatives around the Apple “.

Still the intentions of Apple is not clear when it comes to the problem of the car self-driving. It has been rumored in the beginning that the company is working on the creation of the car self-driving, but many professionals opposed this idea as they made it clear that this is a very daunting task, even for Apple. It was speculated later that Apple is only interested in developing the technology of self-driving own in order to license it to other companies specialized in the automotive industry.

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