Apple Computer first Apple-1 for sale more than a million and a half dollars

Usually see the devices Apple Computer first Apple-1 on sale and every year, usually ranges from prices between $ 300,000 and 600,000 dollars depending on the case and the accessories and software included etc. Now has been the development of one of Apple devices-1 to work, was on display priced at $ 1.75 million.

It is said that an Apple device. 1 in the “almost ideal state” which is listed on the shop eBay this price is huge. Cursing a wooden box customized and the seller says it’s one of the products of the six remaining.

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Has been the device description by the seller also said that the second owner only for this device, after that kept it protected and in “excellent condition” since 1978. Includes need video editing program Sony TV-115 who received the tribute of Steve Jobs, the supply of indigenous energy, and others.

Although this newer version of computer Apple-1 contains some unique aspects like the screen compact holster custom wood, but it seems that the amount of $ 1.75 million is exaggerated a bit.

جهاز Apple-1 معروض للبيع

جهاز Apple-1 معروض للبيع

جهاز Apple-1 معروض للبيع

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