Apple choose to support Android Auto Service of their musical Apple Music

آبل تختبر دعم أندرويد أوتو بخدمتها الموسيقية Apple Music

I have the Apple TV open the folder for third-party applications such as Google map and Waza system support car Play, in the operating system of its new OS 12, it seems that Apple today want to support Android auto-by-step unprecedented through the launch of their musical Apple Music.

And have the new version of the Apple Music custom Android feature support Android Auto in the updated beta version beta 2.6.0, all users need is to download the updated beta is currently available on the site Android Police, then running Android auto and choose the music or track that you want to hear.

Open this step to new heights and run a radio and to pick the songs dedicated to hear it via the player, Apple music, and also provides a search by Lyrics songs, share playlists with friends, etc. to provide monthly subscriptions for music, and at the same time provide an alternative in areas where there are no services other musical like but.

And in any case not this step can be considered something that the Apple TV will devices Google other services by a musical in the next days, like the Chromecast or even GoogleHome, as long as you see that her home HomePod on the table of the competition.

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