Apple CarPlay will acquire new options

Apple CarPlay was presented far in 2013. Since this platform is almost never updated – both in design and functional point of view. Changes were of course, but they can hardly be called global or large-scale. However, in iOS 13 Apple decided to review its approach to CarPlay. What are the innovations in a car platform?

The long-awaited redesign

The company has updated the CarPlay interface, making it more similar to iOS 13. The concept of the desktop has not changed, but minor changes can be found throughout the system. For example, the Music application with special emphasis on the album covers. Such a sort option is much clearer and clearer.

New app “Settings” and “Calendar”

Apple has added CarPlay app “Settings” and “Calendar”. In the settings you can now choose color scheme (light or dark theme), activate the mode “do Not disturb the driver” and disable “Offer Siri” on the toolbar.

Apple redefined the toolbar of the Dashboard. Now here is concentrated the most important. The screen is divided into two parts: the left part is the map, and on the other side you will see the “Offers Siri”, the widget Now playing as well as reminders from the calendar. Also on the left are now applications for quick launch.

The Home button is no more. Apple decided to get rid of this element and CarPlay.To move between the desktop and Dashboard using the new icon in the lower left corner.


To CarPlay Siri has also been updated. Changed the interface — now the assistant doesn’t occupy the whole display, and is neatly located at the bottom. In addition, Siri has received a new voice and skills to interact with third-party navigation applications.

Also Apple added CarPlay support, “Hey, Siri”. However, the implementation of this functions are assigned already on the shoulders of automakers.


  • Support of regulated and non-standard screens and permits;
  • Standard support AVRCP 1.6;
  • Support a second display for passengers.

A new version of CarPlay will be available with the release of iOS 13 in September.

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