Apple can’t keep up with demand for the iPhone 11

The main advantage of iPhone 11 iPhone before XR, which users dreamed the most, was not a secondary camera and not a powerful power supply in the kit, as more affordable price. It was hard to believe, but often our desires have little to do with rationality, right? However, in Cupertino knew about what users need and has made 11 iPhone even cheaper, despite the fact that hardware filling smartphone was much more advanced than the iPhone XR. And here’s the result.

11 iPhone is the most popular on the market, but iPhone is more popular than the XR

According to analysts at Rosenblatt Securities, 11 iPhone uses is so high in demand that Apple had to increase its production volumes by more than 1.5 million units. Apparently, the impact of the combination of price and features of the smartphone that the iPhone has increased relative to XR. Despite the fact that last year’s model had no issues with autonomy, nor with performance or camera quality, iPhone 11 were all better than her – from time of work without recharging up to photo quality.

iPhone 11 bypassed iPhone 11 Pro Max sales

But the production of iPhone 11 Pro Max, according to analysts, Apple’s Vice versa will be reduced. The high demand that the device demonstrated at the start of sales, eventually subsided to such an extent that the company had to cut the volume of its production by about 1 million copies. Considering the approaching season of new year holidays, during which the iPhone has traditionally be the most popular gift, it’s pretty weird. But, most likely, in Cupertino have estimated the demand for smartphone and realized that if I continue to release it at the same rate, you risk to fill all the warehouses and not sold.

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Well, this is understandable, because today is iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro is superior to Max in popularity more than doubled. If the share of younger models is about 9% of total sales in the United States, the eldest is only 4%. In other countries there is a similar situation. Consumers are actively buying iPhone 11, and paying attention mainly on the new colors – green and purple. It has been influenced by the novelty factor, which coupled with a relatively low price, Apple provides good sales of new products with the prospect of further growth.

The best smartphone Apple

However, last year’s smartphones are still popular. However, the obvious favorite of the audience was iPhone XR. Despite the fact that Apple stopped selling it in the Apple Store, the device is still present in the retail partners, where it is available at a price of $ 599, which is $ 150 cheaper than at the start of sales. This price reduction is for Apple atypical, because usually in Cupertino make a discount of not more than $ 100 on last year’s model smartphones. But the emergence of iPhone 11, priced at $ 699, didn’t call the company to do otherwise. In the end, then the difference between the old and new smartphones would be just $ 50.

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iPhone XR is currently the best selling smartphone with a share of 36%, and it is for that love. Single camera and low resolution display, which originally was perceived by many as shortcomings of the model, played into his hands. Due to the lack of a telephoto lens iPhone XR is forced to do shots on a wide angle camera with the best performance throughput. As a result, all the photos are brighter, surpassing in quality even the iPhone XS. Well, small by the standards of 2019 resolution screen makes the smartphone very carefully to expend the battery life and to live on a single charge for two days under load.

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