Apple cancel the charger by the wireless long-delayed AirPower

Canceled Apple charger by the wireless long-delayed labeled AirPower in an unexpected development, indicating the quality problems, after a year and a half on the announcement of wireless charging accessory for iPhone headphones AirPods hour Apple Watches.

And delayed the introduction of this charger several times, including the possibility raised by the potential coupled version of the second generation of earphones AirPods with a tray for wireless charging this week.

Dan said Rick called Dan Riccio, Apple’s vice president of Engineering Devices, in a prepared statement: “after much effort, we determined that AirPower won’t achieve our high standards we have taken the project”.

He added, “We believe for those customers who were looking forward to this launch. We still believe that the future is Wireless are committed to pay Trade wireless forward”.

Revealed Apple TV on AirPower for the first time in September 2017, to the side of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

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She promised to charge three devices at one time, the iPhone and Apple Watch Series 3 or newer, and AirPods with a pack of wireless charging didn’t believe back then.

The idea was the possibility of developing a users Apple devices anywhere on the surface of the charger without having to worry about positioning.

Said Apple TV it has developed a special standard shipping Qi inductive can locate the devices send the energy levels correct to suit their needs.

The company has not confirmed never the cost or the date of the arrival of AirPower, saying only that he would arrive in 2018.

And analysts for prices ranging from 99 to 199 dollars, but were not confirmed by the company, and Apple all signal to the device almost of their marketing material.

It has been suggested to the news that the release was delayed because of the many problems of shipping, including verification of your hours Apple Watch, reliability and long-term plan for freight as a whole.

And Design 22 file a separate company in order to facilitate the development of devices “anywhere”, which increases the likelihood of altitude plus heat.

The decision of Apple to cancel AirPower in such a late stage like never before.

It seems that the project has been cancelled recently so that private funds with the AirPod new contains pictures of AirPower, as containing groups of AirPod, the new on references to AirPower.

According to the website iFixIt, who presented his vision about the cancellation of AirPower sudden, the middle of the Apple TV could not likely meet the regulations of the intervention strictly followed by the United States and the European Union because the company has increased its capacity significantly and be able to control the signals required by the device.

It is likely that Apple has succeeded in creating such a product, but the problem is it caused a lot of electronic trading, which is illegal and can have serious health effects, such as a pacemaker.

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