Apple can be a big problem because of Apple TV Channels

Apple does not collect user data from its devices and services on their own, but can’t do it third party services. In an interview with CNBC, said the General Director of the American operator AT&T Randall Stephenson. According to him, regardless of the relationship of Apple to collect user data, television networks like HBO (owned by AT&T) that will appear on the site Apple TV Channels, never refuse accumulation of information about their subscribers.

The ability to collect user data is critical for live streaming services, says Stevenson. They form the basis of algorithms responsible for the recommendations that, given the preferences of subscribers, you can advise them or those other shows and series. If you disallow the services access to such information, it can have a negative impact on their performance and ease of use that will primarily affect the users.

Why do companies collect our data

“When you choose what to watch, we know it explains Stevenson. This is very important for stable operation of the service. Data [user preferences] play an important role in the formation of collections of recommended content and distribution, relevant advertising and develop marketing strategies of suppliers in General. In short, we give from data collection, and all done before work goes down the drain”.

Will be very interesting to see how Apple will resolve the conflict of interest. On the one hand, in Cupertino will not be able to refuse the collection of data to content providers who can walk away from the site of the company, which has a negative impact on the audience and its credibility. On the other hand, hardly Apple will be able to save face, began to explain to users that the collection of their data in certain cases is not only not dangerous but even useful.

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