Apple : calls FaceTime collective broken down until it is repair back

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آبل : مكالمات الفيس تايم معطله حتى يتم تصليح الخللApple : calls FaceTime is disabled until the repair back

Apple Inc. said it will issue an update to the software later this week to fix a bug makes users of the iPhone allows voice users who didn’t accept after a call to the video.

And allows back user to the iPhone that is being call using FaceTime communications video for Apple to hear the voice of the recipient before accepting the call. It seems that the cell associated with video connection.

The Apple spokesperson said on Monday ”we are aware of the problem and we came up to repair it will be released in a software update later this week.“

According to the page with the system status and our homemade the property of the communications group video over FaceTime stopped temporarily due to a problem level.

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