Apple begins selling the Xbox Wireless Controller for iPhone, iPad

Apple begins selling the Xbox Wireless Controller for iPhone, iPad

I started a company Apple is selling (wireless controller Xbox) Xbox Wireless Controller: the control device from Microsoft that is compatible with iPhone, computers, iPad tablet the new.

Although the wireless controller the new Xbox Wireless Controller appeared on the Apple Store, except that players interested in using the service to broadcast the games (Apple TV for the arcade) Apple Arcade can also buy it from somewhere else.

Following the announcement of the support console platform games (Xbox One) Xbox One from Microsoft during its annual developer conference Apple WWDC 2019, in system (iOS 13), the system (iPad or ABS), the system (T or S), the device became an element of attraction for players wishing to participate in the gaming service (Apple TV for the arcade), which is available for 4.99 US dollars per month on different Apple devices.

To take advantage of it, began Apple in the inclusion of the Wireless Controller Xbox Wireless Controller in the e-store. The console provides supported Bluetooth Arms Control, and communication, and four buttons to master, one shoulder, and other inputs, plus a headphone jack authorized to prevent the implementation of 3.5 millimeters to provide a sound earphones compatible.

May wish to file your current wireless controller Xbox Wireless Controller in use what they have with the service (Apple TV for the arcade). But, don’t offer all models support protocol Bluetooth is required to connect to phones iPhone.

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Those who are looking to buy a wireless controller, but they find the price high; it sells its Apple TV Seven the 59.95 USD, they can be purchased from stores and External, with version also, which is available at the price of 43.84 USD on Amazon.

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