Apple became the third in sales of smartphones in Russia thanks to the iPhone 11

When at the end of 2014 Apple had to raise the price of the iPhone in Russia because of the sharply increased rate of the dollar, for many it was a shock. Some even thought the company has even gone from the domestic market, because no one will buy smartphones for twice what they cost before. However, since the price of the iPhone has increased even more, and they still continue to buy. The result of this popularity has even become the third place in number of sold smartphones that Apple took in September 2019.

IPhone sales 11 brought Apple to the top. Well, almost

At the end of September Apple became the third in sales of smartphones in units, beating the Chinese Xiaomi. The most likely cause of growth was the sales release of the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. In the first days after an exit on the Russian market new products showed explosive demand, instantly becoming a scarce commodity as in the official online Apple store and at authorized retailers, selling a circulation of 70 thousand copies.

To understand the scale, it is enough to compare sales of new products with the iPhone XS and XS Max. They sold no more than 30 thousand pieces. Of course, back then smart phones were two and not three, like this year, but the gap was still quite significant. More than twice the margin given to understand that users fundamentally more interesting new line, which to the best different from last year’s lineup, confirming the rightness of the Apple way.

Why buy iPhone 11

IPhone sales once again crawled up the hill. Thank you iPhone 11

The most popular, of course, turned out to be iPhone 11. In many respects it was affected by the combination of relatively affordable older models prices and specifications. If the iPhone XR purchase in your time users were repelled by a single camera, iPhone 11 this lack delivered. Now he has a dual module with the function of shooting with ultrawide viewing angle, which is so long ago users asked Apple. Besides, there is a new color scheme that appeals to most fans of the taste, becoming almost the main reason to buy new items.

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The money Apple is still better. If in pieces, the company managed to take on the Russian market only third place in the money — first, although the spring leadership position firmly holds the Samsung. This resulted from two factors. First, in the spring of Koreans just released a trio of flagship Galaxy S10, and, second, Apple was stagnant due to weak sales of the iPhone XS. However, giving consumers an additional camera and a new color scheme, in Cupertino made the right decision and came back on barely lost first place.

11 why is the iPhone so popular

The reason for the explosive demand for the iPhone 11 and Pro 11 has become the novelty factor. The fact that the people is simply want to show others that they have a new model, not last year, but the same design, which is based in Cupertino exploited for two consecutive years are not allowed to do. And the new products are suitable for this could not be better. New colors and changed the design of the rear panel will accurately know the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro smartphones new generation not even the most advanced in technical terms passerby. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that users are willing to buy it iPhone 11, iPhone not XR, which after the September presentation lost much in price and is now available in about 40 thousand rubles.

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