Apple banned the iOS installation 11.3.1

Apple stopped signing iOS 11.3.1 after just 10 days after the release of iOS 11.4. To perform a “rollback” to an older version now you can not, or when installing an error is displayed.

The company generally discontinues the signature old iOS versions after 2-3 weeks after the update. Therefore, the company wants users to install the latest version of the operating system, which includes the latest achievements of engineers in the field of security and performance. In many cases, are more likely to suffer from this are those who installed it on their devices jailbreak.

Now Apple is testing two new iOS version is 11.4.1 and 12, beta-version of the latter became available to developers a few days ago. Probably the earlier of the termination of the signature iOS 11.3.1 is connected to various flaws of the old version of the operating system. 11.4 iOS includes a number of performance improvements and security, brings AirPlay support 2, framework ClassKit and the ability to sync messages from iMessage to the cloud.

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