Apple assured everyone confirms that it did not breach the personal data of users


It turns out lately that the AUD managed to penetrate the network the Apple TV with the knowledge that previous reports revealed that this teenager managed to download up to 90 GB of files and the speed he was able also to access to the accounts of the clients, we are sure that many people feel now concerned about the likelihood that their data breach.

However, Apple issued a statement to the Guardian newspaper, The British assured the users that are not getting any personal data during the hack. ” At Apple, we protect our networks with caution, and we have a team of specialists in information security are working on the discovery of threats, response “.

She added : ” in this case, I found out our teams unauthorized access, containment, and reported the incident to legal authorities. We believe the safety data of our users is one of the largest responsibilities we want to assure our customers that at no time during this incident was not their personal data has been compromised “.

In the original report, it was said that the teenager who was behind this hack was a ” dream ” to work for Apple. Happened hack also more than a year ago, where Apple sought to enlist the help of the FBI when it noticed unauthorized access. Didn’t you see the details of the hack, but it seems that the teenager managed to figure out a way to access the servers of the company.

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