Apple asks suppliers to increase production of the iPhone 11 by 10%

آبل تطلب من المزودين زيادة إنتاج آيفون 11 بنسبة 10%

It seems that the proportion of the demand for copy iPhone 11 have increased significantly, where I asked the American giant of suppliers to increase production of iPhone by 10 % more according to the website Nikkei Asian.

Where Will production increase that 7 to 8 million iPhone 11 new to to the amount provided by the company in the market, to this step as a confirmation of the strategy of the company’s CEO Tim Cook to provide a copy of the iPhone price address the ability of consumer under a recession that witnessed the global handset market.

While the improvements made by Apple in lost iPhone 11 played an important role in raising consumers ‘ desire for the acquisition, as the company provided him with a camera wide Ultra Wide to capture the images more professional, as well as strengthen the capacity of the battery which experienced the best performance of the copy of the former.

As to the price of the iPhone 11 with the specifications of basic was at least the first time around $ 50 from its predecessors, where the price of 699 dollars.

It is noticeable that the first fiscal quarter for Apple will be higher sales expected in conjunction with raising the percentage of production during the current period, which will be higher compared to the same quarter of last year at the time of the launch of the iPhone Xs XS Max and Xr.

It is noteworthy that, following these developments may have seen some of the shares with Apple have risen dramatically included my company Murata Manufacturing وAlps Alpine.

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