Apple are still interested in probably the establishment of her smart phone rollaway

Apple Company

Expected that the company Samsung launch smartphone foldable first in the year 2019. We have heard also reports that other companies such as Huawei is also interested in developing this type of smart phones. In fact, not long on the moment that we heard it also that Apple is thinking about its role in the creation of her smart phone rollaway.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether they will it or not, but it seems that Apple is targeting the idea at least. According to a new report released recently from the website Patently Apple, it seems that Apple applied for a patent for invention nothing a layer of paint designed for the folding. The aim of this coating to protect the screen allowing it to bend without damage, especially with repeated use.

While this doesn’t give us a lot of information about the progress made by Apple in relation to the development of these collapsible screen, they show us at least that the company is interested in this type of display. Instead, it could be Apple trying to reach a solution that they can then license it or sell it to other companies that want to create screens folding.

In either case, let the previous rumors that the phone Apple TV rollaway will be released after the lapse of several years, so don’t expect to see any time soon. In the meantime, maybe it will be the most interesting thing is seeing the reaction of the audience when Samsung will launch its smartphone folding the first in the year 2019 to see whether this new type of smart phones have the qualifications that make it become standard in the future.

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