Apple are reducing the price of upgraded storage units SSD computers Mac

In addition to upgrades to an iMac and iPad as well as headphones Airpods, reduced Apple’s costs are also allocated frequencies for the MacBook Air and Mac mini and MacBook Pro, so that they become modular upgrades SSD storage a little cheaper.

For the base model MacBook Air, users can now upgrade to a 1.5 TB SSD vs. $ 1100, which is less than the price of the original upgrade of $ 1200 dollars. Also continued to upgrade the SSD with a capacity of 256 and 512 GB unchanged at 200 $ and 400 $ respectively.

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At the same time, for the Mac mini, the upgrade to 2TB SSD’s that have experienced a larger decline in the price, so it will cost you now $ 1400 less $ 200 from the original price. The upgrade to the 256 GB and 512 GB and 1 TB remained unchanged at 200$, 400$, 800$, respectively.

Also got your MacBook Pro on the part of these cuts, for the model 13-inch base, the price to upgrade to 2 TB SSD is now less 200 $ (1200 $ ). Either upgrade the MacBook Pro and the latest 13-inch to 2 TB, SSD has become compared to $ 1000, which also represents a decrease in the price of $ 200.

For the base model for 15 inch computers MacBook Pro, you can now upgrade to a 2 TB SSD vs $ 1200, and the upgrade to 4 TB of SSD has become cheaper at $ 400 ( $ 3000). For MacBook Pro 15 inch upgraded recently, the upgrade to 2 TB $ 1000 $ , while the upgrade to 4 TB $ 2800.

Last but not least, the price to upgrade the RAM for Mac Pro 2013 is a little cheaper. Users can now upgrade to 64 GB RAM versus 800 dollars, and that’s the cheapest at $ 400 compared to the price of the original upgrade of $ 1200 dollars. Expected to launch Apple TV MacBook Pro New later this year.

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