Apple are now banning apps that you sell in your contact details

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There are applications sometimes ask your permission for access to your contacts. For example, if you download the app to chat or to make calls via the Internet or a social app, it asks you sometimes have access to your contacts to help you find friends, and create a telephone directory, etc., this makes sense mostly.

However, there are some who abuse those powers and they take this information they sell to marketers and advertisers. However, for iOS users, it seems that Apple has nothing to deter it. The company made some recent changes to the rules of the App Store App Store of its own in last week to limit how developers and apps using information about friends and contacts of the user.

Strengthening Apple’s position on the protection of the privacy of its users, especially in this day and age where we are witnessing a lot of scandals related to privacy, particularly of large companies such as Facebook. Means change by Apple rules the App Store it will also ban developers who are working on selling users ‘ contact information.

It is unclear how the company plans to Apple to enforce these rules or how to control them, but we assume at least that there are actions that have been put into development, which may discourage developers from tension to this track.


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