Apple Arcade is a paid service for the games will be released this year to the iPhone and iPad, Mac and Apple TV

Apple Arcade

At the conference, which was held today, which which revealed a range of new services, including +Apple News +Apple TV, the Apple as well in this event detects the new service to broadcast games via the cloud is called the Apple Arcade. This service will work on iOS and MacOS and tvOS, which means that you will be able to play on iPhone or iPad or Mac or Apple TV, and continue playing where you left off on any of these devices.

Service will be launched Apple Arcade in the autumn of this year in more than 150 countries, through a new tab on the iTunes store the App Store in iOS and MacOS and tvOS. Will this service more than 100 games new and exclusive, with toys the original from the likes of Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Ken Wong, Will Wright and other creators of the games the others. Will be adding new games on a regular basis.


Say Apple they will Games Apple Arcade based on originality, quality, creativity and fun in addition to its appeal to players of all ages. So you’ll get a selection of games which will be suitable to your interests. There will be no ads as it will not be tracking you for targeted advertising, and there will be no additional purchases are necessary except for the cost of the subscription itself. Learn Apple also respect the privacy of users of this service.

Help Apple manage costs and work closely with the creators of games, not just select games that will be part of the service Apple Arcade. Expect to see games from companies specializing in this sector such as Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios and Cartoon Network and Finji and Giant Squid and Klei Entertainment and Konami and LEGO and Mistwalker Corporation and SEGA and Snowman and many other companies.


It seems that Apple relies heavily on exclusive games for the lifting of the popular service Apple Arcade, with to keep those games out for any platform other operating or any subscription service, other. Will all the game playing experience full, including all features, content and future updates. Will run every game in put away, it will make many of the games to support the reach out challenge.

As you might expect, the most important of the puzzle is still missing, which is the price of the subscription at the service of the Apple Arcade. Will reveal the company sure about the price when it’s time to launch this service officially.

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