Apple apply for a patent for a new folding

آبل تقدم طلبًا للحصول على براءة اختراع لهاتف جديد قابل للطي

Samsung launched for the first time for big companies to phone practical can be folded and transformed from a small phone to a large on the way to tablet devices, a technique that looks as smart phones next, especially that Huawei announced on its work to launch a special phone folding with fifth-generation during the next days, as other major companies such as Shaw passed for the same thing.

But on the opposite side, the Apple TV does not want to leave the manufacturers of Android phones they produce this kind of phones alone, where it is the request of the Office of trade and patent us to get adopted to produce a folding apparatus, and it seems that Apple don’t want to make this exclusively on the phones, a child needs to items to expand the business to include tablets and laptops, they also want to provide new devices with this technology.

Can say that submitting the application does not mean formal adoption, so needs some time to complete it and get the patent, but it does mean that the company is seriously thought in that it may be ready to launch the first phones folding in 2020 in conjunction with the launch of the first iPhone by the fifth generation.

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