Apple applies to the prospects of more rehab : new services for television and news, Games, cards credit

Apple applies to the prospects of more rehab : new services for television and news, Games, cards credit

Launched Apple us yesterday to the prospects of more spaciousness with digital content in general on the internet by announcing four services, once the requirements of monthly.

Apple TV+

The Apple the start about service broadcast TV on-demand, as a strong competitor services, Netflix represents a new service mix of original content developed by the company and the third party, and all the content is available through a redesigned version of the application “Apple TV” built-in Apple TVs and iOS devices.

And there will come a subscription service of a monthly tune-up for 9.99 USD, will the content of a special series, shows, documentaries, television programmes and variety, in collaboration with the Giants of the entertainment the likes of “HBO” and”Showtime”.

The new service in more than 100 countries, and supports the collective participation, which will allow a one-time payment for access to the family content available.

Apple News+

Apple presented also its new model for news : Apple News under the name of Apple’s news plus, which will allow the procurement of up to 300 Variety magazine versus a monthly subscription.

The service will be launched in the United States and a price of 9.99 and 12.99 in the order month-to-month, before I stop in next fall to Britain and Australia .

Apple Arcade

Why leave Apple too free games and for its new service Apple Arcade that will be added in a new tab on the Apple Store.

The first batch of games will be added up to 100 new games and exclusive will be increased numbers games constantly under the auspices of the most important names of the world of digital video in the world.

The service will be available before the end of the current year in more than 150 countries around the world for a monthly subscription charge did not occur definitively until now.

Apple Card

Finally, Apple announced about the new service: card Apple.

Starting this summer in the United States, users will be able to sign up for a credit card Apple Real will be present within the application Wallet.

It will be extremely easy to card application Apple TV virtual set in your faith your own, where you will be able to do this directly from your device. Where should not take to issue a card to a new, more than a few minutes.

Is most wonderful is that users will be able to also request credit card material, made from titanium and holds the user’s name laser-etched.

Will not print any card numbers or CVV or expiration dates on the card, making it safer.

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