Apple announces the version of my device iPad Air, iPad mini New

Apple announced yesterday about the new updates to the series iPad. There are iPad mini and iPad Air New. Features the iPad Air design thinner screen with a 10.5-inch chip Apple A12 Bionic.

Has your iPad mini with the same screen size of 7.9 inches, but it gets the same chip A12. All of the Air version Mini compatible with the first generation of Pen Apple. The starting price of the iPad mini from $ 399 for 64 GB, while the model of Air the starting price of $ 499. You can order them today from the site

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In addition to the performance boost thanks to the chip A12, features a iPad Air screen True Tone accurately 2224 × 1668. In any case, this device is the successor to the iPad Pro 10.5-inch, which has been deprecated. The device comes in 64 GB or 256 GB of storage options, as well as gray, silver and dark gray.

Sell Apple TV also has an intelligent keyboard suitable in size with the iPad Air New. In general the iPad Air New in the middle of the road between the iPad and the same price of $ 329, the iPad Pro is a 799 $ what is the most expensive.

It also still includes a button for Touch ID, and headset, and the entrance to the Lightning. However, to prevent the chip A12 significant progress in performance (but it does not compete chip A12X located in the iPad Pro) with the registry of the Apple TV and Smart Keyboard from Apple, to get higher productivity of the machine.

The device comes also with a thickness thinner significantly lighter than the iPad old its price is $ 329. And a weight of 456 grams, and its thickness is 6.1 mm, compared to 469 grams for the iPad previous a thickness of 7.5 mm.

On the other side, it has received iPad mini improvement is required in the specifications, compared to the last part of the iPad mini 4. Where the device supports pen Apple TV, but it seems that this is the only change that matters here. So says Apple’s update to iWork will come next week, which will be used to pen the Apple TV in new ways.

Available iPad mini also new in storage capacity of 64 GB and 256 GB, as well as the silver color, dark gray and Golden.

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