Apple announces the new generation of headset its wireless AirPods

آبل تعلن عن الجيل الجديد من سماعاتها اللاسلكية AirPods

Revealed the Apple TV for the new generation for the AirPods Wireless which is considered the most prevalent of this type according to police dogs, and fish the new improvements on the battery health and other benefits thanks to chip H1 which was designed and developed by the company specifically for the headphones.

And the Apple chip H1 help improve acoustic efficiency and raise the speed of the connection with the paired devices and all the comfort and speed between the iPhone Air and others, as offer longer time to talk on the same charging up to double the previous generation. Besides providing a voice assistant service as soon as you say “Hey Siri” to enable the user to change songs and carry out the various tasks in word only, without the need of a lot of effort.

Come clear of the disappointed buyers with the cargo tray, small, traditional or new wireless technology Qi, both of which offer a charge help in running the phone 24 hours straight while listening.

You’ll be hearing a AirPods new at the price of 679 SAR / AED to copy that download pack charging traditional, will be priced at 829 SR Saud / AED for the tray with wireless charging, which allows greater freedom in charging.

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