Apple announces the launch of a competition for the best 10 images taken by iPhone

Involved Apple TV recently on her page in the Newsroom announcement for a new contest to find the “best pictures taken by iPhone”. And Apple had a team of eleven judges of photography from all over the world (including Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing at Apple).

Will test the sound from the date of the 22 January until 7 February, as the photo Ten winning entries will be on billboards in selected cities and locations of retail sale of Apple.

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مسابقة لأفضل 10 صور مُلتقطة بواسطة iPhone

To participate in the contest, just share your pics on Instagram or Twitter under the hashtag ShotOniPhone# . It also invites Apple users to Weibo to share their photos in the hashtag ShotoniPhone#.

Winners will be notified in the date February 26, 2019.

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