Apple announces the device, a new iPod with touch screen and support the advantages of augmented reality

آبل تعلن عن جهاز آيبود جديد مع شاشة لمسية ودعم مزايا الواقع المعزز - iPod Touch

Apple unveiled the device a new iPod protects the touch screen with the improvements in performance and power consumption in addition the advantages of communication as well as augmented reality technology to give the user a different experience of what she was offering iPods in the previous.

The device has the A10 chip Fusion which is designed by the company to provide a better experience at games by providing a higher speed by about three times from the previous generation, which allows users to wait to enjoy the new games Arcade, which will provide a 100 game of the the development of Apple’s next games many of the developers of others.

As will iPod, the new advantages of augmented reality technology for the first time in this type of device through the camera, with the presence of browsing apps and educational applications.

The company says that less devices iOS price offers greater speed twice of the former with the support of techniques of augmented reality starting price 849 SAR / AED capacity of 32 GB, 1,296 SAR / AED capacity of 128 GB, and 1,689 stung SAR / AED.

Includes iPod dock new in the design of its iPhone old to Beyond Limits, which in all cases offers features similar to a hardware key for the operating system, but with less potential in relation to the inner gear.

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