Apple announces streaming service new games Arcade for Mac and iOS and Apple TV

Service broadcast the Games Arcade is the latest service offered by Apple today for users of Mac computers, and iOS devices along with users of the devices and Apple TV.

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Trending Apple to develop the services provided by the company which depend on subscriptions to support the company’s revenue growth from services provided, within the framework of the efforts of Apple to provide special services for users, today announced from the application of the channels of Apple, which offers content channels directly to the users also announced a service broadcast games of the new Arcade.

And service to broadcast games from the Apple service Netflix for games that rely on monthly contributions to provide gaming content to users over the month, also supports the registration of users via televisions and Apple, or iOS devices besides the Mac, also come service Apple Arcade with up to 100 exclusive toy and new users.

Also scheduled to be made available to the service via the App Store directly through the custom tab as an alternative to launch the app, as the service supports Arcade the participation of family members in the subscription payments, where you will offer games to users without the ad, or purchase orders in-Game.

Apple also confirmed that the broadcast service games Arcade will feature users to control the display of games for children and through the identification of screen time across settings, also games are available to users while traveling without an internet connection.

Recall that the broadcast service games Apple Arcade will be available later in the number of 150 countries when you are officially launched in the autumn of this year, however, Apple did not provide details about the prices offered for the new service.


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