Apple announces special event special applications and games in December

It seems that the giant of Cupertino to prepare for a big surprise in the last month, this is where it according to لـCNBC for preparing for a big event in New York City on the second of December which will be twitchy about the best apps and games for the 2019 and of course apps for iPhone and iPad.

It’s not a stranger to Apple as the company says in the annual announcement of the best apps and games as we see the event will not include advertising for any products or new hardware, as the company already had announced a MacBook Pro 16 inch were pro in the previous weeks.

Often it will be Apple at the event on the application of the year, Game of the year as well as a list of the best apps and games in all the genres and classifications.

Do you have expectations for the best apps and games for this year? Also don’t forget to follow us because we are certainly leaving with you this conference.

Source: Pocket-lint checks for

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