Apple announces new versions of devices MacBook Pro with a processor with eight nuclei

Provided the Apple recently the new versions of devices MacBook Pro the fastest performance in a series of Mac computers, which come from Apple with the second and ninth of Intel processors, also up to the processor eight nuclei for the first time in the versions of Apple, also include a hardware update for the keyboard.

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Come the new hardware of the MacBook Pro size 13 and 15 inch, with performance doubling compared to the previous versions of devices MacBook Pro possible to four nucleoli, standards and Top 40% of devices MacBook Pro is possible with a processor characteristic B 6 of the nuclei, as it gets the MacBook Pro size 13 inch on the choice of processor eight nuclei, while the MacBook Pro size 15 inch better with a processor with six or 8 of the nuclei.

Also in spite of updated Apple to be data devices MacBook Pro new, except that the design of the external devices does not differ significantly, while confirming the Loop to update keyboard the new versions of devices MacBook Pro, used Apple new material in manufactured to avoid the problems that appeared in previous versions, where working a new design to reduce the problem of double-tap on the keyboard.

And the leaks indicate that Apple is planning to replace the keyboard in some models of devices MacBook Air وMacBook Pro current update of the new keyboard developed by Apple in 2019, to be limited this update to devices that include the second generation of the keyboard butterfly which devices include MacBook Pro 2018, and MacBook Air 2018.

From another side come devices MacBook Pro this year with the level of brightness 500nit screen, with a color gamut, a wide range of P3 and of True Tone, as come hardware chip protection Apple T2, with Thunderbolt 3, the speakers and stereos.

Also scheduled to present possible models of the processor eight nuclei of devices MacBook Pro the highest performance to support designers, business people or students and the creators of movies and video content to be optimized, also supports this performance-Retina display representative of Apple, and fast storage, with a card that supports the user throughout the day with a system of macOS.

Recall that Apple offers MacBook Pro possible the size of 13 inch wheels at a starting price of 1799 dollars, while model representative of the size of the 15 inch starting price of 2399 USD, that devices are available during this week at the Apple Store.


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