Apple announces its third generation of AirPods

آبل تعلن اطلاق الجيل الثاني من AirPodsApple announces its third generation of AirPods

Apple announces its third generation of AirPods

Announced Apple us yesterday for the launch of the second generation of headset its wireless is expected to AirPods, after a few days of update iPad and iPad mini .

The most noticeable upgrade in the specification of the new generation is the switch chip design W1 located in the devices are current with a Bluetooth connection H1 updated, most likely of the same type which provides a Bluetooth connection 5.0 in H Apple TV the fourth generation .

This works silicon the home to reduce the pulling power of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection compared to W1, and improves the access time, so we might expect longer battery life.

Promised Apple with 50% increase in talk time from are new but there will be no increase in run-time at times to listen to the music .

Apple confirmed also to switch between devices while listening to music on the iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch smoother than ever with the provision of connection times faster twice than before .

Or water process in are new is to connect it with the plugin Apple TV digital (Siri) for the first time, so that you can send instructions with your voice the headset the new.

Apple will start selling new headset next week to a store official price of $ 159, while the price of the base wireless charging $ 79 and sold separately, if you purchase two, the price will drop to $ 199 for the group, instead of US $ 238.

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