Apple announced the cost of repairing the new iPad Air and iPad mini

This week was rich in novelties — first, Apple unveiled its new iPad Air and iPad Mini 5, and then upgrade for the iMac. If Mac price remained virtually unchanged, the cost of tablets has grown significantly. With them increased fees for out of warranty repairs of the devices at authorised service centers.

Almost immediately after the announcement of the updated iPad Air and iPad mini, the company published the relevant fees for the repair of their devices on the official website. Prices, to put it mildly, surprised.

Users should definitely be careful — after all, for the screen new iPad mini 5 will have to pay about $ 299 (about 19 thousand rubles).

Similar situation is with iPad Air 3. Prices have increased in proportion to the value of the device. The procedure for replacing the screen will cost users $ 379 (~ 24 thousand rubles), which is comparable with the cost of the iPad (2018).

Of course, the repair will be made at all established standards, and delivered will be an original display. But this does not negate one’s really expensive.

However, to save money can insurance AppleCare+. In addition, you will receive extra year of warranty, the cost of the official repair will be significantly reduced and will be only $ 49. However, please note that this applies only to the first two contacting the service center. In the future, the cost of repairs will be $ 227, up to the end of the warranty period. Note that the warranty of AppleCare + also extends to the included accessories, as well as on the pen for Apple Pencil.

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